sobering thought

The bus was delayed coming home this afternoon. I awoke from my usual drive-time nap at about the time we would normally be exiting the interstate to find that we had come to a stand still in the right lane about half a mile from the exit ramp.

It took some time, but I eventually saw a considerable amount of police and fire truck activity further down 104th Avenue at Grant. Police were diverting east-bound traffic on 104th south on Grant. When we made the right turn, I saw the reason for all the activity.

The severely mangled remains of a passenger car were in the road with what appeared to be the driver’s door cut off and laying on the street. The car had been hit on the driver’s side and hit hard. I’d be surprised if the driver was alive when rescue services arrived, even with the close proximity of police and ambulance companies. The impact alone probably broke their neck, which would be merciful because they would have most certainly died from massive internal injuries in short order.

I recount this horrific sight to remind myself that it could all be over in the blink of an eye. It’s just sobering to see it in such harsh relief.

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