what the fuck

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With no clear sign the United States can win U.N. support for sanctions against Iran, the Bush administration said on Tuesday it could work instead with like-minded nations to punish Tehran for its nuclear programs.

So I read an article that really opened my eyes earlier today. It said that Iran was working to get uranium enriched no more than 5%, apparently a level more than adequate for nuclear power generation, but that it was no where near the 80% level required for nuclear weapons.

Who the fuck are we to say to another sovereign nation that they can’t develop alternative energy sources when it would be so easy to tell if they were going beyond the low-grade enrichment and working toward weapons-grade uranium.

I’m not for the war that’s coming, but I can see it on the horizon. Fuckers.

“Enrichment above 5 percent is not on Iran’s agenda,” Aghazadeh told the students’ ISNA news agency.

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