Yesterday’s Wierdness Is Tomorrow’s Reason Why

Drugs usually enhance or strengthen my perceptions and reactions, for good or ill. They’ve given me the resilience to withstand repeated shocks to my innocence gland. The brutal reality of politics alone would probably be intolerable without drugs. They’ve given me the strength to deal with those shocking realities guaranteed to shatter anyone’s beliefs in the higher idealistic shibboleth’s of our time and the “American Century.” Anyone who covers his beat for twenty years—and my beat is “The Death of the American Dream”—needs every goddamned crutch he can find.
~ Hunter S. Thompson

One thought on “Yesterday’s Wierdness Is Tomorrow’s Reason Why”

  1. It’s nearly 2 in the am on the east coast and I’ve been strolling through the pages of this website. I cannot believe how much importance that we (that’s you and I, and all human beings) have placed onto things that really have no bearing on our future lives, like college, politics, and theology. In its essence, life is just a series of strange coincidences, and we are bound to relive everybody else’s life because we are doing nothing but circling the hula-hoop of life around a cosmic sentry who is laughing exponentially more than we are as we live this grim farce of an experience called life. Enjoy the ride, drop the top and feel the fresh blast of air through your hair. There is no such thing as acid rain or global warming, purified water is no better for you than tap. Try a pH test on it and you’ll know for sure, though you should just take my word for it. Life is far too short to worry about such trifling instances…your children will be fine, they will be susceptible to the same stupid mistakes that we made when we were young and old alike. by the by, I saw the former affection of your eye the other day…I couldn’t remember her name, except that it may have been Jennifer? She dated Ned? Adamson? Married with children. Good.

    Anyway, that’s an aside, a far aside, to the greater point of the greater good. You live in a wonderful place, but the constraints of the buildings and the man-made machinations that surround you are far too stifling and suffocating. You need to roll down the windows and blast your way down to Vegas and then to Blythe, California…you will smell the heavens and the Earth as they were originally intended. You will absorb the hues and beautiful palette of nature’s landscape…you only need to look up another 15 degrees. The tops of trees, the leaves that wither in the wind, they are so beautiful, but they receive no attention. Simply look up, and you will know that life is so much better than we color it to be. Even in the midst of the most violent of conflicts, if one jsut averted their eyes to a landscape or to a tree, they’d realize the beauty of nature’s plan and our greater design.

    Smile. Rejoice. Their will always be evil in the world because it is the raging opposite to the peace and calm in the world. Politics and government seem to be our raging ying while our simplistic nature and life is our calming yang. Focus on that which is beautiful and exaggarate that which is too simple. Life will be so much more enjoyable.


    Fuck, what was I saying? Oh yeah. They say that we should learn from our mistakes, but that is essential bullshit. We are all bound to repeat the mistakes others have made, because we learn in no other way. No matter how many lessons may be taught on the global classroom, we still will not learn and we will repeat those mistakes made in the past. It is life. It is beautiful. It is the way things should be.

    Again, rejoice. And, as I said, avert your eyes antoher 15 degrees northward and you’ll see the beauty that will provide your calm.

    I love your writings. It is inspiring.

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