the zen of parenthood

So yesterday we were all sitting in a McDonald’s Express/BP Gas Station combo eating a quick lunch before taking Heather to the airport for a visit to Georgia with family & friends. Avery was very tired, and we had to give him a regular cup and straw since we didn’t bring along a sippy cup. Of course, he was more interested in taking the straw out and putting it back in than in eating. He eventually broke down into a full tantrum scream session, and was holding the straw in his hand. At times, it looked like he wanted Heather to take it from him and help him put it back in the cup, but when she moved in that direction, he just screamed louder. Tyler, always the helpful interpreter for Avery, said that “he wants you to have the straw and he doesn’t”. A true zen koan if ever there was one. I smiled.

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