The gentle whisper of the wind through pine needles

We drove up to the top of Mt. Evans on Sunday. It was an adventure. The weather was iffy, at best, and we got to sample some of the best mother nature had to give. On the drive up, we had a picnic and finished up just in time before a storm rolled over and threatened to electrocute us if we lingered any longer, cold rain started and the clouds lowered to obscure the road. Further on up, we ran into some small hail and a mountain goat on the road. Strange. And then the weather alternated between snow and sun. It was truly beautiful, notwithstanding all the extreme contrasts. It was probably most beautiful because of that. There is a serenity in the alpine forest that I can’t get enough of. The gentle whisper of the wind through the pine needles soothes my mind like the memory of a long lost lullaby.

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