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A while back I read Kingdom of Fear — Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century by Hunter S. Thompson. The first book of Hunter’s that I’ve read, and no co-incidentally, his last written. As I was reading, I’d mark the margins of particularly resonant, funny, or otherwise remarkable passages. Here, I present them for your edification.

Never believe the first thing an FBI agent tells you about anything–especially not if he seems to believe you are guilty of a crime. Maybe he has no evidence. Maybe he’s bluffing. Maybe you are innocent. Maybe. The Law can be hazy on these things…. But it is definitely worth a roll.

Morality is temporary, Wisdom is permanent.

I have never had any special fear of Foreigners, myself, but I recognize a nationwide nervous breakdown when I see one. It is EMBARRASSING, for openers, AND IT SUCKS.

The Bible is unforgiving. There is not a scintilla of mercy or humor in the Holy Bible. None.

Think on it, Bubba. Point me to some laughs, or even a goddamn chuckle in that book.

People frequently ask me if I believe in God, as if it were some kind of final judgment or naked indicator of my pro or con value in this world. Ho ho. That is too stupid to even think about–like a WHITES ONLY sign on the pearly gates of Heaven.

But not really. Don’t get me wrong, fellas. That is only a whooped-up “figure of speech,” or maybe a failed metaphor. It is a term of Art, not a term of Law. If the freak who wrote the Book of Revelation had been busted and jailed for the horrible threats he made against the whole human race, he would have been executed on the spot by a Military Tribunal. So long, Johnny, we never really liked you anyway. Mahalo.

Sane is a dangerous word. It implies a clear distinction, a sharp line between the Sane and the Insane that we all see clearly and accept as a truth of nature.

But it is not. No. The only real difference between the Sane and the Insane, in this world, is the Sane have the power to have the Insane locked up. That is the bottom line.

Indeed, there is something vaguely dishonorable in having lived through the Sixties without having spent time in jail.

You can’t Hoard fun. It has no shelf life.

Smart people understand that there is no such thing as paranoia. It is just another mask for ignorance. The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.

5 thoughts on “Hunter’s Wisdom”

  1. One of my favorites was from Kingdom of Fear, and I read it as a dermatologist was slicing away a melanoma from the base of my foot:

    “Life is a slow release from ignorance”.

    Ah, true.

  2. hmm…do I dare? oh yes…dare I do.

    To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson >

    Indeed, there is something vaguely dishonorable in having lived through the 00’s and been a member of EvBoard without having been banned from the place.

  3. p.s. I just read. Congrats on your promotion! I’ll See you at the club in a few months, probably. I promise I’ll try not to be any trouble there like I recently was at EvBoard because the Club’s an official thing and I’ll be paying for it too. peace!

  4. The good doctor was the greatest. I met him once in Aspen at the Hotel Jerome. He told me I was an idiot from a no good generation full of idiots. Of course, I’m cleaning up the language (for the children).

    I really love On the Campaign Trail ’72. I believe that the election in 2004 was the final straw for him. The posts he put on ESPN Page 2 (Hey Ruby) leading up to the election were so optimistic and full of genuine hope and the posts right after the election, so full of darkness.

    I miss him.

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