Fear not, Evanescence fans

*strike* [In less than 48 hours] *insert* [Real soon], you will have a new FREE Evanescence forum sponsored by Evanescence. More details to follow.


19 thoughts on “Fear not, Evanescence fans”

  1. A new free Ev site? Yes, please more details on that! I wish the EvBoard didn’t have to be PS only 🙁

    By the way- nice site, got it from your signature on the EvBoard so I figured I’d check it out.

    Peace out.

  2. I sure hope there’s a b00b’s on cone icon, cuz that would be boss.

    that, and the fact that ninjas are totally gonna take over the board. muwahaharharh

  3. He’s not pulling an Evanescence on us. He’s pulling a wind-up on us. They are the ones that kept pushing it back.

    Anyhow, I wish sparkart would get in gear so we can check out this awesome new place 😉

  4. hi Dhamma! well…I’m in. just joined. been away for 3 weeks winterizing a house 200 miles from where I am mainly because well…somebody has to!…and I don’t wanna be a Wal-Mart drone! (that’s my alternative, basically.) I just deleted my Evboard Refugees group. Don’t wanna get sued by your friend Mr. Belchak. Not like he’d get anything outta me, tho. One can’t squeeze blood from a turnip as the saying goes. I’ve done put in to join EvClub but haven’t been to the Post Office yet. Is it really worth it? Anyhow, talk at ya later. peace! –sabbathius

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