Have you had that happen to you yet, Kanye?

I’m not even finished watching the telecast yet, and I can safely say that the 50th annual Grammy Awards show is the best in years. It was only 2-3 years ago that I had completely written the show off for selling its soul to crap hop and crap pop.

While there have been a few misses along the way tonight (Beyoncé‘s lip-synced intro bit and some of the Jesus medley performers), all in all it’s fantastic. Kanye West didn’t talk too much shit and gave an awesome performance, Fergie can sing, Brad Paisley can rock, and Alicia Keys stole my heart.

It’s kind of sad how they are milking the potential train wreck of Amy Winehouse’s performance though. I honestly welled up at the dance performance from LOVE early in the show.

p.s. – Congratulations to the Foo Fighters. Fuck yeah.

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