Open Letter to Amy Lee


Why are you so vindictive? Can you not enjoy the least bit of success without inciting drama?

I’m ashamed to say that it was only about a week ago that thoughts started cropping up in my head prompting me to consider one last attempt at finding a redeemable personality underneath your shell. And then you go and write this.

It’s pathological how you handle those in your life that exhibit any sense of drive or success. I know you don’t see it that way right now, and may never see it, but one thing I do have faith in. I have faith in the wheel of karma. It’s still spinning. It is unavoidable.

You have disappointed me for the last time. I no longer harbor hope or expectation for anything honorable from you. Be well.

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Amy Lee”

  1. Dhamma I have known you from many boards Evboard and Evthreads. You carried such enthusiam for evanescence and particularly Amy. I find myself searching for the truth but no evidence prevails. The only answer that is ever given is Amy lee is a nasty vindictive bitch. I want to see her through your eyes instead of some angelic facade. Would you care to expand on you experience with Amy and true person she really is.

  2. Tom,

    To be clear, I do not pretend to know the “true person she really is”. I suspect that no one does. No one.

    You’ll have to use your own eyes to view the evidence and come to your own conclusion. It may very well be different than mine. I had to come to terms with my perception of her on my own even though people had been saying poor things about her for years. I did not want to believe it, but in the end, I could not ignore the trail of destruction.

    If you are able to enjoy the music for what it is and can ignore the personal drama behind the scenes then by all means do it! I’m just not that strong.

  3. So in that case, you know no more than me regarding all the information released to the public? This is the exact reason i find it so hard to judge her. She has made some very extravagant decisions, decisions that ultimately affect everyone around her. We can include the evboard episode, John and rocky and various other comments by Amy. But the question continues to arise is it fair to judge one without completely knowing them or the situation in which those decisions were made.

    However dhama, i think you know more than you are letting on, have you not had contact with people that have known amy since she was young, surely these people are suitable witnesses to make judgement on her character. You mention Bonita and other people, who surely know things about Amy. The conclusions you have made about her cannot be formed from the information that the general public has recieved.

    I think we both know there is more to the story. Why is it that almost all of the retired moderators from evthreads and Evboard have lost their respect for her? Why is it that people that have known her for so long(residents of little rock) no longer like her. You can’t tell me firing John and Rocky brought this on and by the looks of things there was distate a long time before then. Being as knowledgable and as seemingly respectful as you are, i believe you formed this opinion of amy over a very long period, i don’t believe you would discredit her so easily, however how much of your opinion is actually based on truth as opposed to personal perspective?

    I have tried to enjoy the music, however it is the respect for the musicians that created the music that gave me the utmost pleasure listening to it.

  4. Well,well, well.

    In my almost two-year long disregard for anything Evanescence related, I finally stumbled upon the whole Sweet Sacrifice affair just yesterday seeking out how John LeCompt was doing lately. I saw Amy’s post concerning the Grammy Awards ceremony quoted from on a blog and was totally appalled. Amy’s arrogance is soaring to new heights.

    Wade, I support you 100% on this letter. You are one of few from the old guard that has an intuition and insight mature enough to not be seduced by the utter facade that is “Amy Lee”. She is pure selfishness and hubris incarnate. She is a liar and her whole persona is a lie. I look upon anyone that calls themselves a “devoted fan” of Evanescence with a sense of dismay and pity. The flimsy and illogical perspective of separating “artist from art” is a choice some have made. I find that choice to be wrong, offensive and even hateful coming from certain people.

    Again, well done sir. I applaud your conviction. I wish I was more outspoken.

    Your comrade,


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