WakeUp2Life: Love Letter to BurningMan

via WakeUp2Life: Love Letter to BurningMan

Swallowed by the crevasses of the dusty whiteness, a purity of particles to digest into the belly of her portal of creative forces, that gather together to create societies weaved through the energy of all who choose to open their hearts, to greet with smiles, to create a dream we commonly share. To be expressed as we are. To create worlds that represent our souls burning fires. The passions and seeds of the fruits that feed and nourish our souls. The ground, the wind, the dust glues our sweaty bodies together to create a melding of a world where landscapes appear to be a distant planet we have imagined while gazing at the stars. Where everything makes sense, where intentions are rules that rule a kingdom of the heart. Hats are our shade and luminescent colors are the pallets of our paintings. The strokes and brushes create us and when the dust storms arrive you are welcome. Always you are welcome. Time has no place and the space is your creation. Breath in the scorching air, exhale your dreams. Dance on your vibration and as you step up a step powered by the heart hold my hand as I gently hold hers, and shift like the dusty winds. Tornados of energetic integrity spitting gifts of love across the breeze. Please as you move through this cosmic sea, dance with grace. Take this place, this part of your heart and fertilize the world, leaving trails of light glittering like the open night sky. I am the shooting star I wish upon. Exploding vibrant forces and rhythms heard in the beat of the earth, the beat of the heart, the beat of our dream.

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