A short nine days ago, I eagerly awaited the appointed time (10:00 AM PST) and promptly got into the virtual ticket line at tickets.burningman.com. I was impressed with the way the organization handled the virtual queue and kept the page auto-updated as my ‘place in line’ moved along. Eighty-five minutes later I was able to get to the virtual ticket counter and purchased my ticket without undue burden or heartache. I found this quote on ePlaya to be particularly humorous, to wit, “Without getting all worked up and glandular, it’s just not the same.” This being my first time to go to Burning Man, I haven’t had the angst that so many have had in previous years stampeding the ticket site on the first day of sales.

In related events, I got a first glimpse of the 2010 ticket design today on arinfishkin.com. Quite the pretty piece of paper it is!

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