the ultimate fact of all philosophy

Zen is the ultimate fact of all philosophy. That final, psychic fact takes place when religious consciousness is heightened to extremity. Whether it comes to pass in Buddhists, in Christians, or in philosophers, it is, in the last analysis, incidental to Zen.
~ D.T. Suzuki

3 thoughts on “the ultimate fact of all philosophy”

  1. Hey man, here I have found you! 🙂
    How’s doing?

    Great quotes, as always from you. I especially liked the one you posted a few days ago,
    about thinking and being logical. So very true, thinking and being logical are very different things, but many people do not understand this…

    Anyway, how’s life treating you lately?

  2. A comment from the great and beautiful Yaroslava! I am honored! You’re the first person to comment in here in like … forever. This is a little-known backwater of the internet. I’m so happy you could drop by.

    Life is going well for me and the family. I hope the same is true for you and yours! Don’t be a stranger.

  3. A stranger? Okay, I won’t 🙂

    I just forgot you were keeping another blog, and since I haven’t seen your entries in the LJ for a long time, I went to check your LJ… and there, I have found that old entry I’ve read like hundred years ago about this place… This is how I’ve found you here… No way you could escape from me, you know? 😀

    In fact, I missed reading your fabulous quotes from different great people.

    Glad things are going good for you and your loved ones. For me, I’ve changed the job recently, and it’s a good thing, I hope. Other than this, there are good things and not really good things as well, as usual.

    Was nice to “see” you! Hope to keep in touch.

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