The beautiful

IF there is something fundamental and basic common to every sentient thing in the universe, what would it be? I offer that it is the perception of the beautiful, and in that perception, we can identify with and become one with all.

There is too much order in nature to be entirely accidental, but then again, there’s so much chaos. Within every human mind there are conflicting forces always at battle. One, the primal, is the animal instinct with desires to gratify the self, indulge, conquer, take, dominate. The other, the civilian with aspirations to give, be compassionate, fair, amenable. But the common point at which these divergent forces can meet is the beautiful. The beautiful can tame the wild spirit and enlighten and ground the most “elevated” society figure. Within the beautiful, there is a clearing, and the clearing is good.

I found the above bit of idealistic drivel today while cleaning out some old net storage. It’s at least seven years old – perhaps older.

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