Brandi Carlile visits KBCO Studio C – 11 SEP 2009

Photo by Jeremy Cowart
Photo by Jeremy Cowart

The Brandi Carlile Band just stopped by KBCO Studio C and played a couple of songs.

  • Dreams
  • talk about how Dreams evolved through the recording process
  • talk about Elton John playing on Caroline
  • Pride and Joy
  • talk about Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Folsom Prison Blues

You can listen to or download a copy of the recording here.

Hana Pestle – Live In The Studio

Hana Pestle - Live In The Studio

A new 7 track EP from Hana Pestle, Live In The Studio, is now available for purchase from and Do yourself the favor and go pick up this beautiful release by a rising star on the music scene. Her cover of Creep is worth the purchase price alone!

Here’s a video of Hana performing Creep at The Basement in Columbus, OH, on February 24, 2009.
[flv: 320 240]

The Campaign to Save Paste

Dear Paste readers,

We write this letter with great appreciation for all you’ve done for Paste, as well as sorrow that we need to come to you and ask for further support. The economy has taken its toll on Paste, and we need your help to continue.

As the global recession has continued, many of you have written us (especially as ad pages shrunk) to say, “If you ever need help, let us know.” That day has come.


Today, we are launching the “Campaign to Save Paste” to raise money to keep Paste coming to your mailboxes and computer screens. If you are in a position to give even a little, please consider donating. As thanks for your generosity, over 70 amazing artists (including The Decemberists, Neko Case, Bob Mould, Cowboy Junkies, Indigo Girls, The Jayhawks, Brandi Carlile, John Roderick of The Long Winters, Patterson Hood, The Avett Brothers and Josh Ritter—with more to come) have gathered and donated rare & exclusive MP3s for all who join us in the campaign. Here’s what artists are saying about why Paste should be saved.

As a completely independent company, Paste has struggled for the past nine months as advertisers have decided to wait out the recession. As most of you realize, magazines are heavily subsidized by advertising. Industry experts estimate that an average subscription for a monthly publication would cost $60-$80 per year without advertising support.

But last month was brutal. Cash received unexpectedly reached an all-time low, and turned a tough situation into a short-term crisis.

Long-term, Paste will emerge in good shape. Even with the fall-off at the end of the year, 2008 was our best year yet—print subscribers, print ads, online readers and online advertising were all at record levels. Readers (print and online) remain strong. And new advertisers have come on board even in the recession, with more ready when their advertising budgets come back.

In the meantime, we’ve adjusted our business to weather this storm. We’ve cut costs, and we developed a robust online business that’s among the best in the industry. Fundamentally, we’re in good shape and won’t need another appeal down the road. But it’s taken us until this point to get there—leaving us critically low on cash, without some large corporation behind us to bridge the gap.

We’ll make it through this short-term economic crisis—but it’s only with your help. Our fate is (and has been and always will be) in your hands. Big-time investors are not “in the game” right now—but readers can rise up and “invest” in Paste’s future. Will you be a part?

We appreciate all of your support so far—everyone who’s subscribed, given a gift, or even read a story online or opened a newsletter. It’s all enabled us to make it this far. Now, we humbly ask you to consider giving a little more.

It doesn’t take much. Every little bit helps and you can be a part of continuing our efforts to help you find signs of life in music, film and culture. If $1 (yes, one dollar) came in from everyone on our e-mail lists (or $10 from 10% or $100 from 1%), we’ll reach our goal and emerge from this recession as a stronger magazine and website. While we’re not a non-profit (this isn’t a tax-deductible gift), know that every dollar you give goes into keeping Paste alive and, ultimately, making it even better.

While you’re at it, also let us know what more you’d like to see from Paste. What should we do (or do better) online to help you discover new music, film and more? As advertising comes back and the magazine thickens, what would you like to see in print?

CLICK HERE to give via PayPal or credit card.

With our sincerest thanks,

Josh, Tim and Nick for the entire Paste family

PS. As thanks for your help, a number of our favorite musicians and labels have donated free rare & exclusive MP3s (from artists including She & Him, Arrested Development, Shawn Mullins, Samantha Crain, State Radio, Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Rogue Wave, Passion Pit, Over the Rhine, The Minus 5 and more) for everyone who donates. And as more artists contribute, you’ll have access to those songs as well. We also have a number of goodies (such as signed R.E.M. posters, an ocean-view cabin on next year’s Cayamo cruise, and more) to give to donors in random drawings. And, anyone giving $350 or more will receive a lifetime subscription to Paste as a thank you.

You can read more about the drive in our Save Paste FAQs. View all the campaign resources (including banner ads for your website) at the Campaign to Save Paste page.

Please Vote for MACHINA in the EdgeFest Battle of the Bands!

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Hey everyone. Machina is in a local radio station competition to win a slot on this years Edgefest with Slipknot, Stained , Chevelle, and Drowning Pool. Go click on this link to hear a new Machina song,”Belladona,” and vote for us so we can rock your face off in Little Rock Arkansas on May 9th. Especially calling Little Rock fans here please support us and show the Edge what real rock is about ya heard? Anyone with an e-mail address can do it so come check out a new tune and we’ll see ya in May-

God Bless,


SXSW 2009 on BitTorrent: 6 GB of Free Music

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SXSW 2009 on BitTorrent: 6 GB of Free Music

Written by Ernesto on March 12, 2009

The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most popular in the United States. For the fifth year in a row, SXSW has released a DRM-free, RIAA-safe collection of songs totaling 6 GB, which can all be downloaded for free, thanks to BitTorrent.

For some of the previous editions, SXSW itself has offered torrents showcasing the artists scheduled to perform at the festival. Starting last year, however, SXSW stopped releasing a torrent of their own.

Since all of the mp3s are available for download on the festival’s site, it only takes one person to get a torrent up and running. Last year it was Greg Hewgill who took the time and effort to put all the MP3s into one big torrent, and for the 2009 edition Ben Stolt did the same.

Since there’s over 6 GB of DRM-free music, using torrents makes it much easier than laboriously downloading every MP3 separately. In addition, using BitTorrent instead of the server based system saves SXSW money in bandwidth costs. The good news is that, for once, the RIAA isn’t watching over your shoulder when downloading music.

There are three torrents for the 23rd SXSW edition which contain a record breaking 1267 MP3s of both upcoming, as well as established artists who will appear at this year’s festival. Needless to say there should be something to suit everyone’s tastes, and all in all it’s a great way to expand your horizons and discover new and upcoming artists, all for free.

This year’s SXSW music festival takes place from March 18-22 in Austin Texas. All the tracks released for the previous editions are also still available for those people who want to fill up their iPod without having to invest thousands of dollars.

Ben Moody – Mutiny Bootleg EP

Tuesday night (12/16/2008) Hana Pestle played a show at Juanita’s in Little Rock, AR, with a supporting band including Ben Moody. Mr. Moody also released a four track EP with a purchase of Hana’s EP that night.

photo courtesy of Syd

In communications with Syd, Moody said, “there’s a duet between hana and i on there that WON’T be on the record and won’t be released anywhere ever again. it’s free because i want this shit spread EVERYWHERE. so be sure that all your friends share the four songs with as many people as possible. WOOT”

To that end, for your listening enjoyment…

Ben Moody – Mutiny Bootleg EP

Track Listing:

  1. Never Turn Back
  2. Everything Burns (2008 feat. Hana Pestle)
  3. The Way We Are
  4. Wishing Well

Ben Moody is set release his full-length solo album on 3/3/2009.

Ray LaMontagne visits KBCO Studio C – 08 AUG 2008

Ray LaMontagne just stopped by KBCO Studio C and played a couple of songs. I apparently missed all but the last due to techincal difficulties. The audio clip that I have is Ray speaking about Gossip in the Grain (To be released: October 14, 2008), and playing ‘Hold You In My Arms’. Enjoy!


I also came across this free download of the first track from Gossip in the Grain a track called ‘Let It Be Me’.


Download link