Ben Moody – Mutiny Bootleg EP

Tuesday night (12/16/2008) Hana Pestle played a show at Juanita’s in Little Rock, AR, with a supporting band including Ben Moody. Mr. Moody also released a four track EP with a purchase of Hana’s EP that night.

photo courtesy of Syd

In communications with Syd, Moody said, “there’s a duet between hana and i on there that WON’T be on the record and won’t be released anywhere ever again. it’s free because i want this shit spread EVERYWHERE. so be sure that all your friends share the four songs with as many people as possible. WOOT”

To that end, for your listening enjoyment…

Ben Moody – Mutiny Bootleg EP

Track Listing:

  1. Never Turn Back
  2. Everything Burns (2008 feat. Hana Pestle)
  3. The Way We Are
  4. Wishing Well

Ben Moody is set release his full-length solo album on 3/3/2009.

3 thoughts on “Ben Moody – Mutiny Bootleg EP”

  1. Hey!!!!

    When is Moody’s album coming out. I have been waiting for like ever.

    BTW Munity Bootleg is fkn awesome!!!!!!!!!


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