Shade (part 1)

My understanding is that, after water and beer, the most important thing you must bring to the playa is shade. Much of my early research into Burning Man was spent on various shade structure designs and ideas.

As soon as I came across Argyre Patras’ design for a parachute shade tent I knew that was what I wanted to make.

I set about obtaining a parachute (two actually) last spring. The first chute I got had a few tears in spots, so I sourced a second cute in better condition. I plan to double up the chutes (rotating the color sections) to maximize the light-blocking properties.

Just today, I was able to obtain the last of the three lengths of retired climbing rope for the out-rigging support lines.

Next up to obtain: grommets for the chutes since the original lead lines were cut off; the pvc hoop materials, and the center support tubes. More to come as I continue this project.

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