One thought on “Sad commentary on the place where I’m ‘from’”

  1. It’s truly a sad state of affairs. Children that were excelling in their classes and overall careers as of this year are having to relocate or enroll in private schools in order to graduate high school with an accredited degree. Not to mention, what about the average students? How are they to function in society without an accredited high school diploma?

    How is that fair to those students? How does that commend the parents of those children for the diligence they have shown towards moulding their children’s attitudes towards their education? How does that honor the commitment of those Clayton County public school teachers that vowed to work hard and toe the line for their students and the sacrifices the surely had to make to achieve the high standards they place on themselves.

    Shame on the Clayton County School Board. I hope SACS does not grant them a probationary period and throws the book at them. The State of Georgia overall needs a severe shakedown and the overall political landscape need to be rebuilt from the ground up.

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