DreamHost Promo Code Changes

I’ve been hosting all of my web sites on DreamHost since Q3 2005. After repeated (about once every 3 months) hardware failures with my previous shared hosting provider (YRHost), I decided it was time for me to find a more reliable boat. On the recommendation of a friend, I looked at DreamHost. They recently changed their shared hosting to just one plan. You start off with 500 GB of disk space (automatically increases weekly by 2 GB), 2 TB of monthly bandwidth (automatically increases weekly by 40 GB), one free domain registration (for the life of your account), and a 97-day money back guarantee. I could go on and on about the features available from DreamHost, but you could just as easily visit their site to see the full list yourself!

I have some new promo (coupon) codes for DreamHost that you can use to either save money off your initial hosting bill or get some additional features FOR FREE.

DS50 = “Fifty dollars off!”

DSDOMAIN = “One extra free domain registration!”

DSIP = “Free lifetime unique IP!”

DSDOMAINIP = “Free extra domain and unique IP!”

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