Productive day

Today there were 42 days left before the man burns, and I got into gear. Yesterday I picked some 12″ galvanized spikes and washers for tent anchors, some more plastic totes, a small tarp, Gorilla Tape, and some Reflectix 2′ x 25′ Double Reflective Foil Insulation.

This morning I hit up the Goodwill 50% off Saturday sale for another pair of shorts and pants, two more shirts, a sleeping bag, a battery operated radio tape player, and a small pair of speakers. Came home and got to work rigging up my playa pounder (my wife’s cruiser bike that I’m commandeering for the burn).

playa pounder before modification

I affixed a basket to the handlebars, added the speakers, and connected the radio so I’ll be able to tune into BMIR and the other stations only available on the playa. I have some spoke blinkies, and I’m waiting on some EL wire from BikeGlow.

I then set about making a cooler koozie cover out of the Reflectix and Gorilla Tape. The sleeping bag wraps around the whole thing to make a super cooler!

the fuck?
ohh, a silver box
super cooler!

Oh, perhaps the best find of the day at Goodwill was a set of metal trophy mugs for an easy to clip on cup solution.

1979 HHSA Summer Climax Mixed Doubles "A" Winner


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