poop-eww platter

As I was about to get in bed Saturday night, I remembered that there were toys out on the front lawn and that I had left the side door to the garage unlocked. Not wanting to tempt fate, I put some shoes on and headed down to remedy the situation. As I was bringing the toys in, I was pleasantly surprised to find a magnificent pile of dog squeeze on the river rock gravel surrounding the foundation of my home. This was no ordinary pile, mind you, it was substantial. (Probably about the size of the clog that stopped up Lenny's toilet in New York.) At any rate, I strongly suspected that the offending party was the canine known to live next door. My immediate desire was to get a trowel and fling the gift back over to the proper owners, but then inspiration stuck. I noticed a discarded plastic plate (dessert sized) wedged under the fence between our property. After retrieving the plate, I carefully plopped the deposit onto it and delivered the dish to the front stoop of my kind neighbor. I went back inside, washed my hands, and went to bed giddy at the mischief I had just made.

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