Little One Lost

Tragedy struck close to home yesterday. We found out that one of Heather's best friends lost her baby boy at the 38th week. He was due to on September 15th, but his heart stopped beating in utero on Tuesday. The friend had the hardest time getting pregnant with this one. She suffered a few miscarriages along the way, but we thought this one was going to be OK since it lasted so long.

While this is a horrible thing to happen to our friends, it is a blessing in disguise for me. It jolted me into appreciating my own kids that much more when I contemplate that in the very next moment, one or all of them could be gone; or for that matter, I could be gone. There is a wisdom teaching that says the way to live your life is to live as if death were right around the corner. Because it is really. None of us knows when our time will come, and we should all live accordingly.

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