Indigo Girls – June 16, 2008 – Denver Botanic Gardens

Last Monday I had the privilege of seeing the Indigo girls at the Denver Botanic Gardens (for the third time). The outdoor venue is a wonderful place to see and hear a concert on a summer evening. Made even more enjoyable by the garden’s BYOB policy. This was our bottle.

The opener was Bitch and Ferron who sang some songs from Ferron’s new album Boulder and some Bitch songs too. Ferron was dark and brooding. I wish the crowd was a bit more quiet so we could have heard her better. Bitch was charming, and her highlight was a family sing-along of ‘don’t do crystal’.

Don’t do crystal
Don’t do boys
Don’t do boys
Who do crystal
Don’t do crystal

The Indigo Girls were stellar as usual. We thin Emily may have had a bit of a cold, but there were only a few songs that you could tell something was different.

During the set, the Amy and Emily took a break and let a local Denver musician named Matt Morris come up and sing one song. He also came up with Bitch and Ferron and joined them for Closer To Fine (video below).

Last Tears:

Closer To Fine:

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