How dare he

On Independence Day we give thanks, we give thanks for our Founders, we give thanks for all the brave citizen-soldiers of our Continental Army who dropped pitchforks and took up muskets to fight for our freedom and liberty and independence.

You’re the successors of those brave men. Those who wear the uniform are the successors of those who dropped their pitchforks and picked up their muskets to fight for liberty. Like those early patriots, you’re fighting a new and unprecedented war — pledging your lives and honor to defend our freedom and way of life. In this war, the weapons have changed, and so have our enemies, but one thing remains the same: The men and women of the Guard stand ready to put on the uniform and fight for America.

How dare he besmirch the scared honor of those who fought more than two centuries ago for our independence by conflating the revolutionary war with his personal vendetta war action in Iraq. The establishment of democratic government in Iraq is of no ultimate consequence to me. If the territory imploded upon itself and was divided into three or more despot kingdoms I could care less. More than enough blood has been shed, Mr. President. Please remove your head from your ass and listen to your people.

4 thoughts on “How dare he”

  1. 1. bully pulpit – I have read that the word ‘bully’ used in this context has no relationship to an abusive or harrassing individual. Maybe it should.

    2. Possible Explanations for this kind of Presidential speechifying (er, postifying?):

    a. Speaker is a Fool
    b. Speaker believes what he says (reference a. above)
    c. Speaker is tautologically building reality (reference b. and a. above)
    d. Shameless attempt at CYA and legacy management by juxtaposing the good, the bad and himself.

    3. -W08, change is good!

  2. Honestly, Bush is just the bright shining star of an example of everything that is wrong with the federal government. There’s no checks and balances any more, just three branches of a tree that’s rotted from the inside out, just standing there stubbornly waiting for someone to come along and knock it down. The problem is that everyone else is too damned busy trying to plant the prettiest little trees that they ignore the fact that the rot must dropped and ground up into mulch, mulch that can join the Earth with all manner of litter and decaying organic matter to actually grow something worthwhile. If the Republic is to survive, the whole damned lot need to be removed and replaced by the people, not by puppets of industry and the scores of sickly, foul, deranged lawyers that have made certain that the will of the people is heard by none residing behind the closed doors of Congress, of the Supreme Court, and of the White House. Before we know it, we’ll be ruled by Paris Hilton…it’s the new deal…they’ll take all of our rights, and we’ll keep on toiling in fiscal hell while the elitists maintain their lofty position above all in America. They won’t be happy until we’re all poor and lazy.

    If ever there was a need to call on the spirit of the Minutemen and of the Founding Fathers, it is now. Not for the purposes of kickin off the laser light show at the National Mall, no, that’s not the reason. We have come full circle…we are receiving unjust taxation without proper representation. Who is representing you, good sir? Who is representing the majority of America? Who is representing the hard-working, well-meaning middle class?

    To hell with Bush, but to hell with all of the rest of them, too. America needs a change.

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