He’s so confused

“I would say that those who herald this decision simply do not understand the nature of the world in which we live. I strongly disagree with this decision.”
~ President of the United States, George W. Bush, speaking to reporters at Camp David about the federal judge’s declaration that his administration’s warrantless wiretapping program was unconstitutional and should be shut down.

Clearly, he’s the tool who simply does not understand the nature of the country over which he presides.

One thought on “He’s so confused”

  1. Not that I support him, but I think the only difference between the Bush wiretapping program and those of the past is that they’ve actually told the American public that they’re doing it. Seriously, do the CIA or FBI really need warrants to do what they do? Probably not. Hey, don’t forget about Waco and Ruby Ridge, both atrocities and unwarranted abuses of power.

    Remember, a good rule of thumb, whether Republican or Democrat, is that if they’re called “politicians”, they’re all lying suckers of Satan’s cock, as Bill Hicks would say.

    – SHT

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