I suppose I should relate how I got the bug to go to Burning Man in the first place. As you might expect, the exact moment in time is preserved in the cloud. I made a spontaneous suggestion to a cross-country friend that we have a meet up at Burning Man. Where the idea came from I have no idea. I hadn’t thought of Burning Man before that moment as far as I could remember. I’m certain that I was made aware of it probably during my college days, but I never remotely considered going. Of that I am certain.

Since that moment last year, however, Burning Man has been a daily mental distraction. I have put out the word to friends that I am planning a pilgrimage in 2010, and no one other than tarbendar has expressed any serious desire to go with. At this point, I’m also not even counting on him to make it either. As the months have passed, I’ve come to terms that if I am to exercise any “radical self-reliance” I will need to prepare to go to Burning Man on my own. I will welcome any eventual co-sojourners as a welcome surprise.

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