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i am SIGNED!! fo sho, fo real. with the music business the way it is right now, ben, my management, my whole team and i decided that we should take this all the way. after doing the entire album independently, why hand it over to The Man in the end? so, ben created a record label, FNR records. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOTTTT!

(emphasis added)

EDIT: I looked back at the blog entry cited above on 5/2, and look what else I found!

p.p.s-for all of you ben moody fans……holy CCCCCRAP you guys are in for a treat. ben has been working on his album for the last million years on and off, but since february he’s really been working hard. it’s really happening, so just give it a little bit more time. PLUS i feel super special because michael tait and i arranged all the background vocals!! yeah!


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