Dropbox + KeePass = WINNING

Do you wish you had a way to sync a secure database of your passwords across multiple computers/browsers without entrusting your data to the browser itself? Wish no more!

You can easily accomplish this level of nirvana by combining the synchronized folder technology of Dropbox and the power of the free, open source, light-weight, and easy-to-use password manager KeePass.

Step 1: Open a Dropbox account, and install it on each computer you want to synchronize passwords.

Step 2: Download and install KeePass. You can even use the portable version and save it to your Dropbox too.

Step 3: Create and save your KeePass Password Database File anywhere you want in your Dropbox.

From now on, you simply use KeePass with the Password Database File saved on your DropBox and you’re good to go no matter what computer you are using.


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