Tuned Out

Am I so tuned out to popular culture that I apparently missed the watershed event of the year this last week (I think it was last week). I’ve come across at least two grown adults who write about having watched the Britney/Kevin/Chaotic debut episode, and it’s made me wonder if I somehow missed the boat. Why wasn’t I tuned in to the wave? Why didn’t I plan an entire evening around watching the first episode of the latest “reality” show starring the incomparable Britney? Perhaps because I could care less. Her kind of self-prostitution to the public is just distasteful to me. As time goes on, it’s becoming clear that she’s less interested in being a singer, or even just a “performer”, than being the focus of attention – anyone’s attention – any kind of attention. Voyeuristic perverse attention is better than no attention at all, or so it would seem. This little screed is all I’m willing to give her.

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