Thoroughly Burney Saturday

I’ve been incredibly productive today will things burn-related and even those not. I got up and hit the Goodwill 50% off sale at 8 AM this morning and came home with $19.80 of treasure!

A basket for my rear-mounted bike rack (since front-mounted basket 1.0 lost the fight with the RV I bumped into).

I found some orange, light blue, and dark blue fun fur. The orange is likely going to become a camp chair seat covering while the blues may very well end up furring my bike as they would coordinate fantastically with the blue LED string lights I picked up at last week that I’d intended for the bike anyway.

And some 4″ iridescent gold foil ribbon that I have no idea what I’m going to do with, but it was calling my name. I have faith the universe will show  me the way.

I also picked up some more table cloths and bed sheets for lungis.

From left to right: white cotton with gold thread grid pattern, some green-red-orange-yellow mod square pattern, rainbow stripes, and the tribal orange fabric that I bought about a month ago at another 50% off sale.

I also picked up a second red ass pillow to have as a backup or for a gift to a fellow burner on the playa. I came home with a bruised tail bone and I’m planning to prevent that if at all possible in 2011 by strapping additional cushioning to my bike saddle.

I punched holes in the four corners, and I was able to add grommets to the smaller pillow to prevent the rope from expanding the hole once it’s affixed to the bike.

The Man Burns In 308 Days )'(

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