I had my first sushi experience last night with some local (and one not-so-local) internet associates at Sonoda’s. I’m pleased to report that there were no adverse gastrointestinal effects and that I’ll probably have it again in the future. The ‘purple haze’ (sake & chambord) eased the transport from the mouth to the stomach as well.

Denver PNMers

3 thoughts on “sushi”

  1. things that I remember enjoying the most were:
    Salmon Sashimi
    Kumo (Spider) Tempura Roll (Soft Shell Crab)
    Unakyu Roll (Freshwater eel)
    Oshinko Roll (Pickles)
    Yamagoboh Roll (Burdock Root)
    Ume Roll (Plum Paste/Cucumber)
    Caterpillar Roll (Freshwater eel)

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