Short Rant On AIM Speak

So what's so damned hard about using all the letters on your fecking keyboard? I mean really?

“forgiveme11 see you are against it because you were “TAUGHT” to be against it..i mean u said it yourself you think two guys making out are hot but u are against it because u are a christian and its a sin…..see u have been taught to think that way instead of thinking your OWN WAY!!!!!……and see u never know if you are gay or not…if you have NEVER been with the same sex before then how do you know your straight???….u dont know who u really are until you experience it and see for yourself”

I am tolerant of those who have an occasional misspelling as I am guilty of that from time to time, but where my patience is running thin is for the dafties who don't even make an effort to (consistently or otherwise) use all the letters in a word. But in an exercise of civility, I choose to vent here rather than publicly flogging the offender and revealing the true ass that I am.

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