Just In Case

So I slipped and fell on the ice on the sidewalk while walking to the bus this morning. At the moment of impact, I just thought to myself, “shit, I'm going to feel that tomorrow”. Continuing walking, I noticed that my jaw was the only thing really feeling anything from the fall. I made it to the bus stop without falling again, which I felt was an accomplishment, and I boarded the bus. I called Heather on the cell to tell her I fell again and asking her to be extra careful driving and walking over concrete surfaces. Those seemed to be the worst.

As soon as I ended the call, my right elbow popped (I think) and my right arm started hurting like a mofo and an extreme bout of nausea came over me. I think I blacked out for a few minutes. When I came to (sort of) I felt like I was upside down, and it felt like I may have wet myself, which upon further investigation, I had. (Don't laugh, it's not funny. Well, it sort of is, but still, if you laugh, just don't tell me you laughed.) I had tunnel vision for several minutes more. I had to concentrate hard just so I wouldn't vomit. I was sweating like a pig. When the bus finally came to the station, I moved my left arm from my leg where it had been propping me up, and there was a small pool of sweat that had run down the inside of my sleeve and landed on my leg. That was my first indication that I may have a serious problem.

I've since gone commando and I'm waiting on a call from an advice nurse (gotta love HMOs). If anyone here has had experiences with sudden falls and know if these symptoms are “normal”, feel free to post and make me feel better.

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