In a matter of hours, a new Evanescence fan message board will be launched at EvThreads.com.

Over the last several months, Amy was very concerned about the rather unfriendly environment toward the band on evboard, and those concerns were elevated once evboard was changed to a paid subscriber only community. Efforts to transfer ownership of evboard were unsuccessful, so the decision was made to host her own fan message board. That is the genesis of EvThreads.com.

EvThreads.com will be the new, public, and free fan message board where Evanescence fans from all over can talk about and interact with the band. It is going to be focused on Evanescence and will be a supportive fan community. What does this mean for the EvClub message board? I anticipate that EvThreads will be the place to be for comprehensive Ev Fan news and conversation. EvClub forums will be the appropriate venue to discuss the premium benefits that EvClub membership gets you in terms of content, promo codes, pre-sale info, etc.

If you have questions about anything that I didn’t cover, please post them here and I will do my best to answer them. It’s going to be a busy day!

[The foregoing message is my assessment of the circumstances and may not be representative of the actual opinions or position of Amy Lee, her management, or Evanescence. In other words, this is just my personal opinion.]

17 thoughts on “EvThreads.com”

  1. Hmm, I go away for a while and come back to this, woah, that’s a change!
    Good luck with this new site, this shuld lead to some interesting things…

  2. I’m, pretty excited to see Evthreads. It seems like it’s going to be alot of fun and interesting. I have a question though, for the ones who were/ are members of evboard, is membership status like nooblet, junior, senior going to transfer over to Evthreads or will this be a “fresh start” for everyone. Sorry if this one a dumb question.
    -Katy (KTDidit)

  3. I have a few questions.

    So, was ToB actually made an offer to sell the board and refused? I can understand that if he wasn’t offered a fair price.

    And how long has EvThreads been in the works? Was ToB just trying to get money from people before the board went south?

    I was a PS before the board became PS only, but alot of people are now feeling like they got ripped off. Especially since certain aspects of the board, like point, gifts, and games, are no longer there. So now, we REALLY feel like we are getting nothing for our $$$.

  4. @Katy (KTDidit) – It’s going to be a fresh start for everyone.

    @TheLady – I do NOT believe that ToB was “just trying to get money from people before the board went south”. The decision to go paid subscriber only was made as a last ditch effort to keep the board up. It was either restrict full functionality to those who are helping to pay the bills, or turn it off entirely and disenfranchise even those users who had become paid subscribers. I will impugn no malign intentions upon my friend, Ben Belchak.

  5. Wow, thanks! Even if it’s just your opinion, thats okay. I’m now anticipating the opening of EvThreads!

  6. Yes, I was offered something for EvBoard. It was a paltry sum, and I was, in fact, insulted by the offer. I issued a counter-offer, and obviously it was rejected (even though I never heard back from anybody). The least Amy could have done to show good-will towards her fans would be to have done what it took to make the EvBoard relationship working. That is all.

  7. You asked her for 50,000 dollars.. how do you expect her to pay such a huge amt when it was clearly your evboard that endorsed the leaking of the album, freely talked about the leak and how awesome or bad therof the album was, allowed the discussion of lyrics on your website. Although a link to the leak was never published directly on your website, it still may have taken away a big chunk of fortune which wind-up could’ve earned (Im not blaming you for the leak, clearly you didn’t leak it or anything)
    Plus, I always saw you criticising the album, tearing it down like it was the worst piece of music you’d ever heard. even if you didn’t like the music they were making, the least you could’ve done is show some measure of politeness instead of immediately putting it down. How do you think Amy felt when or if she saw that?

  8. 50,000 dollars???? HOLY CRAP! It’s not worth that much, how pathetic. I do think Amy was quite rude about it all but asking that amount is beyond pathetic. Evboard is slowly dying now and thinking it’s worth that much is a joke. I’m sorry it had to come to this, I enjoyed Evboard, but seriously the fans will be okay without it. I can think of three other Ev forums that are just as good.

  9. Where did anybody say I asked for 50,000? Also, it’s the largest evanescence forum…Of course it’ll have discussion about the leak. You can’t keep it all off the internet.

    Also. My opinion is my opinion. Tough luck for Amy if she can’t handle a little criticism.

  10. If you have any idea of how much a forum can make, how much servers cost, the time put into making it what it is etc, 50 grand is not a lot at all, but anyway, that is aside.

    Jared, your comment was a load of tripe and ToB’s personal opinion is his opinion. If the album is bad, say it, it is a discussion board…
    Good luck evboard, I’ll still read, even though I can’t post. These euros are very precious to my student self 🙂

  11. I dig the new site, Wade. I don’t get all the ToB bashing on the changes in Evboard (and it seems to be everywhere). He did what he could to make his board have the most functionality for the most people when he could just as easily have just walked away, and that is really awesome.

    While I won’t be participating in the Ev section of the new board, I’ll surely be enjoying the rest of it. Many thanks.

  12. I loooove the new site. it gives people like me, whose parents won’t pay for evboard a chance to post with the whole community.

    Also, EvBoard is being very hostile about this. They’re acting as if they don’t like Ev. ToB is being a bumhole (editted for hostile language ;)) about it, i think he needs to let things go and stop going after Amy.

    I like the new board, I’m “broken paradise” 😀

    ~ Mike

  13. The good thing about the new forum is you don’t have to wait 8-10 hours for your post to show up since its being “reviewed by moderators” or what the fuck ever evboard had going on…ToB is such a loser, anyways – there was a proper way of saying that he disliked the album.. why should amy lee bother to pay for a forum that openly tears down her album.

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