Am I being hypersensitive?

I’m not clear whether I’m being hypersensitive, or whether I really am detecting lingering resentment and bigotry by people over the fact that Mr. Obama is president-elect?

Yesterday I received an email forward that I’d classify as blatant bigotry.


Today, I read another on-line contact associating the election of Mr. Obama with the fall of the republic as symptomatic of an apathetic and now dependent populace headed back into bondage.

Yes, the end of the republic is nigh; but I’ll be damned if I stand idly by while those who are at least equally responsible for the decline (republican party) assert that the cause(s) lie with the democratic party. The country has been run into the ground by those in power, and that includes both democrats and republicans.

Raising racial divisions at this time (or any time for that matter) is counter productive, and could be perceived as fueling the fires of civil unrest.


One thought on “Am I being hypersensitive?”

  1. Oh, it’s going to get worse. Much worse. Especially when you consider that the inauguration is just two weeks away.

    So much unnecessary drama that people are trying to create when we already have so much of it with the economy being as bad as it is.

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